One of my friends absolutely loves this dish!  He will not eat anything else when I make this…so, on popular demand, here goes-

Bok choy-with an oriental twist

The best part about eating bokchoy is that it is very light and will not make you feel guilty about that pistachio gelato post dinner 🙂  Try to pick baby bokchoy that are supple and not the overgrown napa-cabbagy type ones that leave only fiber in your mouth.

I have generally had good luck in Whole Foods or other Chinese stores with bok choy.


Bok Choy- 10-15 (they shy down upon cooking)

Soy sauce

Garlic -1-2 cloves-minced

sesame oil

white vinegar

freshly crushed black pepper

Take your bok choy and cut off the ends, you will have a beautiful flower shaped stem in your hand (for useless garnish value).  Soak all this in water for sometime and make sure you lose all the dirt in it.

In a wok/skillet, add 1-2 tbsp of olive (or sesame oil).  I usually add olive oil and then drizzle sesame later on for a wonderful aroma.  Once the oil is hot, add garlic in it and let it brown just a tad.  When you can smell the garlic in your clothes, you know it is time for the bok choy leaves to go in.  Cover it at this point and let it simmer.  Once, the leaves wither a little, take the cover off and stir it well.  Add soy sauce (to taste) and 1 tbsp of vinegar (don’t get greedy with the vinegar, or it will get too bitter).  Don’t overcook the bokchoy or you will lose the nice crunch in it.  Turn off the heat and add freshly crushed black pepper for deliciousness…